Galvanized Garden Chef Collection: Rocket

by Paris Garden



Very attractively priced, each kit is supplied with kitchen recipes to make the best of your kitchen herbs!

Additional Information


  • Galvanized Pot
  • Seeds
  • Starting soil
  • Instructions
  • Growing tips
  • Extra kitchen recipe

Growing Tips

  • Temperature
    • An average indoor temperature 18 - 28 degrees Celsius is best
    • In winter, put plants that are near windows into a warmer corner of the room at night
    • In summer, mist the air and your plant to give more moisture & reduce temperature
    • Avoid exposing plants to too much direct strong sunlight
    • Do not place plants near direct source of heat or air conditioners
  • Watering
    • Keep soil moist but not over watered
    • Water more during hot days and less during cold days
  • Light
    • Bay windows provide a perfect lighting environment
    • Placing plants under white light bulbs for 2 - 3 hours a day during dark days can promote growing
    • Plants need to rest so do not leave them under light for 24 hours a day
    • Rotate your plants at least once a week
  • Fertilising
    • Use of fertiliser is recommended for best results
    • Read fertiliser instructions clearly and do not over-fertilise
    • Before fertilising, place pots into ventilated spot to help absorption
    • Avoid fertilising during rainy days and cold days
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