Bio Pot Kids: Banana

Paris Garden


Grow your own organic food!



Grow your own organic food!
Boost your health and have fun!
Our most popular varieties now come into biodegradable pots for you to reduce environmental impact.

Additional Information


  • Bio Pot
  • Seeds
  • Starting soil
  • Instructions
  • 4 stickers for decoration

Growing Tips

  • Temperature
    • An average indoor temperature 18 - 28 degrees Celsius is best
    • In winter, put plants that are near windows into a warmer corner of the room at night
    • In summer, mist the air and your plant to give more moisture & reduce temperature
    • Avoid exposing plants to too much direct strong sunlight
    • Do not place plants near direct source of heat or air conditioners
  • Watering
    • Keep soil moist but not over watered
    • Water more during hot days and less during cold days
  • Light
    • Bay windows provide a perfect lighting environment
    • Placing plants under white light bulbs for 2 - 3 hours a day during dark days can promote growing
    • Plants need to rest so do not leave them under light for 24 hours a day
    • Rotate your plants at least once a week
  • Fertilising
    • Use of fertiliser is recommended for best results
    • Read fertiliser instructions clearly and do not over-fertilise
    • Before fertilising, place pots into ventilated spot to help absorption
    • Avoid fertilising during rainy days and cold days