01. MEGAX, The Movement

A brave new world.

A different way for businesses to ride out the cycles.

A new way for the man-on-the-street to take a stand.

We built MEGAX knowing that ownership empowers. We believe that people make better choices when they are given responsibility over currency. We will buy things we actually love, and not settle for anything less. We will support brands, not in the name of pricing and gimmicky advertisements, but what they stand for.

MEGAX is a movement centered around a millennial–driven retail token and developed for a fresh, emerging retail network. It was formed due to the need for a growing pool of independent, exciting, and eclectic brands to reach their target market - the exponentially-growing and constantly -shifting millennial generation.

02. MGX, The Store

MGX is a store for millennials, by millennials. Carefully sourced and personally curated, we offer products that are either truly distinct and not to be found elsewhere, or tried and true classic items that we cannot live without. Our selection is unique and ever-changing.

MGX is a Singapore-owned and operated multi-label store.