Our story goes a lil’ something like this: back in 2014, we were getting tired of seeing those mass-produced stuff. You know, the ones you can get in every damn mall in this island? We got curious: where can one get their hands on local-made brands? And why aren’t they exposed in the market like they should be?
After much frustration, laughter and maybe a bit of swearing, Megafash was founded to bring you all the good things (and we’re very thrilled for that!). Based in sunny Singapore, Megafash has grown into a lifestyle marketplace with over 600 independent local brands. Our shoppers can count on us for first dibs on refreshing products from this little red dot and all over Asia! 
Since then, we’ve been working extra hard to have our community of kick-ass makers up and running. We strive to give them a MEGA voice to show off all their good stuff. With lots of heart and soul put into them, there’s really no question about why we’re all for local made crafts.
Discover our super rad range – from apparels to lifestyle and home wares to work supplies! Show your #localpride with Singapore-inspired favourites like Nom Nom Plush curry puff cushions and The Farm Store notebooks. Or go wild choosing quirky artsy pins and Reindeer iPhone casings. You’ll surely find something to fall in love with!
As we move into seven retail spaces all across Singapore, now you can get up close and personal with these brands. Find our nearest store near you!
Go on, go hunt for your favourites.