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MGX - The Story

MegaX was formed to bridge the gap between a growing pool of independent, exciting and eclectic brands and the constantly shifting millennial generation. This is done by developing and implementing a fresh, emerging retail network driven by retail tokens in the blockchain market.

The millennial generation is a growing pool marked by a swelling interest and competency in communications, media and digital technologies. The children of this generation were raised with access to virtually anything they desired, or anyone with whom they wished to communicate - all at the mere touch of a button.

The current retail industry has failed to move, change, and develop at the rapid pace that the millennial generation demands – causing a substantial loss in overall market share. Rather than attempting to fight the trend with awareness campaigns or customer retention tools, we seek to dive right in and further the movement. Thus by creating MegaX, we aim to be the market leader in providing a fresh approach to retail by embracing the endless possibilities of technology and the blockchain market.

MGX - The Present

In September 2017, we have completed our first Initial Token Sale (ITS) to great success with over $SGD 3.3 million invested in our MGX currency. This has led us to roll out the next phase of our project which is to establish a series of technological tools to support the use of MGX currency in our stores. In employing a dedicated app via the iOS and Android store, coupled with a safe and secured digital wallet, we aim to provide a quick and seamless experience for all our customers. Users can expect us to accept the MGX currency in the very near future.

MGX - The Future

The continuous development in cryptography and blockchain offers a fascinating promise - A truly decentralized ownership with the ability to provide a token owned and controlled entirely by the holders. By combining the technological benefits of blockchain with a network of trendy independent brands, MegaX attempts to create much more than just a new, innovative product. We want to create a movement fashioned and wired specifically for the millennial.

In time, MEGAX will mature into a full-fledged millennial influence, capable of directly dictating retail flow and focus. As the consumer takes back control and determines its own direction, vibrant brands will benefit by participation. As millennials regain sole influence, brands will come and go based on their frequently varying opinions, wants, and desires. This transparency will be open for everyone in the network to witness, ultimately creating a glorious retail phenomenon.

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